Revolutionary revision of BYU Honor Code to most heavily emphasize honesty, academic integrity. — #MormonNewswire
Local Mormon family celebrates Father’s Day through biblical re-enactment of heartwarming and timeless story of Abraham and Isaac. — #MormonNewswire
Insidiously suggestive “Hoke-Pokey” to be banned at all youth dances, for obvious reasons. — #MormonNewswire
Report: LDS agreement with recent BSA policy change reveals support to be based on 1828 definition of “gay.” — #MormonNewswire
NSA leaks joyfully welcomed by hundreds of Mormon Mommy bloggers as confirmation that someone is reading their blogs. — #MormonNewswire
Scientists confirm that the sound of one hand clapping is equivalent to the sound of two Mormon hands clapping. — #MormonNewswire
4th Mission of the Church just spotted on back of milk carton — #MormonNewswire
Prayers for safety once again proved remarkably effective as Mormon family successfully arrives home from church. — #MormonNewswire
Recent survey reveals most US Mormons think “May Day” is the name of some character in M.A.S.H. — #MormonNewswire
Local ward not quite sure what to make of high councilman’s greeting that he brings the love of the stake president for “large majority” of congregation, “well, really those of you he actually knows, for the most part.” — #MormonNewswire